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Luxury Gulet anchored in Mljet, Croatia cove.

Gulet cruise in Croatia: Dubrovnik, Pearl of the Adriatic

Some say that Croatia´s main allure is the beautiful Adriatic beaches. Nevertheless, much more awaits you. Aboard a private gulet cruise in Croatia from Dubrovnik, a treasured lifetime experience is expertly tailored for you, friends, and family. Explore historical cities brimming with culture and history, sail among a labyrinth of islands that offer nothing but virgin nature - all while basking in the pleasant Mediterranean climate.

Top 10 Reasons for Taking a Gulet Cruise in Croatia: Dubrovnik

  1. Wander Dubrovnik's picturesque Old Town district, a UNESCO world heritage site.
  2. Traverse the beautiful Croatia Riviera islands while being pampered by your expert gulet cruise ship crew.
  3. Relax in the quiet coves of the Elafiti Islands.
  4. Explore the Mljet National Park lush virgin forests.
  5. A paradise for seafood lovers, delight in Croatia´s gourmet cuisine.
  6. Let yourself be transfixed by the crystal-clear waters of Hvar and the Pakleni Islands.
  7. Visit a Croatian vineyard for a spectacular sunset wine tasting.
  8. Far away from the typical tourist circuit, fall in love with the peace offered by a stroll through Lastovo National Park.
  9. In Korcula, learn about the history of Marco Polo.
  10. The protected coves offered by the tranquil Peljesac peninsula are perfect to end the day with your loved ones.

One week itinerary for Croatia Gulet Cruise from Dubrovnik

One week gulet cruise holiday in Croatia map itinerary.
7-Day Itinerary for Croatia Gulet Cruise from Dubrovnik.

Note: The numbers indicate the approximate location for where the boat will anchor overnight each day.

Keep in mind that this is only a proposed itinerary that is meant to inspire your Croatia charter cruise planning. Your itinerary is flexible and will be adapted to your wishes.

Helpful information for your gulet cruise holiday in Croatia from Dubrovnik

Cruise length: 1 week (7 nights / 8 days)
Departure: Saturdays from Dubrovnik
Return: Following Saturday in Dubrovnik
Nearest Airport: Dubrovnik International Airport (DBV)
Port Location: The marina is located in Dubrovnik, about 20km (approx. 25min) from the airport. Private transfers are available, as well as taxi or public transport.
The best season for cruising in Croatia: April to October.
The best time to book your trip: We recommend that you reserve plenty of time in advance, preferably between October and May when there is a greater selection of yachts in Croatia to choose from.
Climate and wind factors in Croatia: Mediterranean climate. Winters are mild and rainy while summers are warm and sunny. The prevailing winds are Mistral, Jugo y Bura
This holiday is recommended for: Families and a group of friends. Relaxation. Traveling in Croatia is ideal for nature, wine, and gourmet lovers. Water sports include swimming, kayaking, paddleboard, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Hiking. Luxury charter yacht vacation. Lovers of crystal-clear turquoise-blue seas.


A beautiful cove in Sipan, Croatia with luxury beach huts.
Bowa Restaurant - Sipan, Elafiti Islands (Croatia). Photo: Bowa Restaurant

Sipan is a peaceful oasis with azure water. It is the largest island of the Elafiti archipelago and the perfect place to relax, watch a romantic sunset or stroll through its charming fishing villages.

Sunset is the ideal time to take a dip before your first evening meal of the southern Dalmatia Island´s gulet cruise experience. Surrounded by greenery, the Bowa Restaurant is a beautiful hideaway right on the shore, where you will find the freshest selection of Adriatic seafood available.

Highlighted activities

  • Recline on the deck of your gulet charter to watch the sunset-sky colours unfold.
  • Enjoy Dubrovnik´s freshest seafood in a relaxed restaurant setting.
  • Take an unforgettable swim with your family or friends in a clear-water cove.


Aerial view for the Korcula archipelago.
Turquoise waters surrounding the islands of Korcula, Croatia

A pleasant sailing journey through the intense-blue Adriatic Sea will take you to the island of Korcula. Take time to lounge on the ample gulet deck to sunbathe, feel the sea breeze, and listen to the soft sound of the waves.

Korcula is known as little Dubrovnik. Its residents claim that this is where the famous explorer Marco Polo was born.

Lose yourself in the bustling streets of its impressive historic town centre, to visit the monuments and culture that will transport you to another era.

Your gulet cruise in Croatia is not complete if you miss the chance to take a day trip to one of the famous vineyards. Wine is central to Mediterranean culture. Contemplate how the sun's rays tinge the vine fields a golden hue at sunset while sharing a glass of Grk - a wine only produced in Korcula.

Highlighted activities

  • Meander the streets of Korcula´s beautiful old town.
  • Visit a vineyard for a wine tasting at sunset.
  • Navigate the turquoise waters and small islands of the Korcula archipelago.


Gulet cruise in Croatia: Lastovo Island, Croatia
Gorgeous crystal-clear waters in Lastovo, Croatia cove.

Mediterranean pine forest, impressive cliffs, and the mystical beauty of quiet coves are some of the reasons why the Lastovo archipelago has been declared a Natural Park treasure. Lastovo Island was closed to tourism until just a few years ago, so its preservation is a privilege to behold.

There are less than a thousand residents, most of which are fishermen. Lastovo is the Mediterranean of yesteryear and a place where the days go by slowly.  You can enjoy swimming alone in a transparent water cove, connect with nature and enjoy a truly relaxing charter yacht holiday in one of the most beautiful natural places of the Mediterranean.

Highlighted activities

  • Snorkel or dive in your underwater paradise, rich in marine life.
  • Connect with Lastovo Islands Natural Park´s bountiful nature.
  • Savour a cove all to yourself for a leisurely swim.


A Hvar old town centre street with bougainvillea.
Hvar, “Queen of the Dalmatia Islands,” (Croatia)

It is not by chance that Hvar is considered the "Queen of the Dalmatian Islands". The numerous secret turquoise blue inlets are impossible to forget. Beautiful whitewashed villages, cobbled streets, the Mediterranean hills covered with olive trees, vineyards, and its famous lavender fields, make this island a mandatory stop for your luxury Croatia gulet cruise.

Hvar is a glamorous town for walking, shopping, or dining delicious Dalmatian cuisine in charming restaurants. It is an ideal town for your gulet vacation in Croatia summer evening saunter.

Luxury sailing yacht cruising Croatia anchored in Pakleni Islands, Hvar
Luxury sailing yacht in Pakleni Islands, Hvar (Croatia)

If you seek turquoise waters, you are in luck. Just opposite Hvar, you will find an endless array of Pakleni Islands´ inlets. Surrounded by pine trees and olive groves, the most impressive waters you can imagine await you. A refreshing swim in this little paradise with your loved ones promises to be a highlight of your unique boat experience in Croatia.

Highlighted activities

  • Dive into the clear turquoise Pakleni Island waters and hop from beach to beach.
  • Walk through Hvar town´s lovely streets full of history and culture.
  • Smell the aromas of lavender, rosemary, and wild oregano along the island paths.


A couple in a jacuzzi on vacation aboard a gulet in Croatia from Dubrovnik.
Couple on Luxury Gulet Cruise in Croatia

The combination of rugged steep mountains, secluded coves with crystal-clear waters, and rolling valleys, make Peljesac a must-see if you are going to sail Croatia on a gulet.

Famous oysters and good wine are also strong considerations for visiting this Croatian destination. The people of the Peljesac peninsula have been dedicated to the production of wine, olive oil, and vegetables for centuries.

Let your captain guide you to a beautiful and quiet bay where you can enjoy a delightful swim or explore the area in a kayak or paddleboard.

Your crew will serve a private dinner on the deck of your gulet, surrounded by nature and under the night sky. Without a doubt, seeing the stars is a perfect finishing touch to a magical evening on your extraordinary Croatian Riviera charter yacht trip.

Highlighted activities

  • Explore beautiful uninhabited coves on a paddleboard.
  • Taste the succulent Peljesac oysters paired with a glass of local wine.
  • Share laughter and fun with your family or friends, while you dine by starlight on your chartered schooner.


Young woman on gulet charter vacation, paddle boarding in beautiful Mljet cove, Croatia.
Exploring a Hidden Mljet Cove on a Paddleboard

Mljet, the mythological island where Ulysses spent seven years captivated by the charms of the nymph Calypso, is probably one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic Sea - and the world.

A wonderful National Park, where the beauty of its lush pine forests and the tranquility of its secluded coves will leave you speechless.

Charter gulet on route to Dubrovnik from Mljet
Yachting Holiday in Croatia, Breakfast at Sea

Fringed by dense vegetation, the island boasts two beautiful inland saltwater lakes, connected to the sea by a narrow channel with a small island in the centre. This postcard natural landscape is an exceptional place for kayaking, paddle boarding, or hiking.

An oasis of peace and nature, where, like Ulysses, you will have a hard time leaving, Mljet is a must-stop on your Croatian gulet charter cruise from Dubrovnik.

Highlighted activities

  • Hike in the impressive Mljet Natural Park.
  • Relax in nature and the feeling of peace that you can breathe on the island.
  • Explore the saltwater lakes surrounded by pine forests by kayak.


Holiday in Dubrovnik (Croatia), aerial view of the city.
The Old City Centre and Walls of Dubrovnik

The fantastic preservation of the old town protected by its famous wall, Dubrovnik is known as "The Pearl of the Adriatic."  Dubrovnik is also a proud UNESCO World Heritage Site and bustling coastal city, with picturesque white stone buildings and reddish roofs that contrast the blue hues of the Adriatic Sea.

The maze of cobbled streets in the old town will transport you to the Middle Ages. Dubrovnik is a rich mixture of history, art, culture, nature, and gastronomy. This is the perfect finale to your unsurpassed Croatia gulet cruise.

Highlighted activities

  • Get lost in the historic streets of Dubrovnik's old town and discover the famous “Game of Thrones” filming locations.
  • Enjoy the best views of Dubrovnik and its impressive wall from a privileged place: your chartered gulet at sea.
  • Explore nature and the clear blue waters that surround the city.

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