About us

  • ¿What is it?

    Clear water and white sand deserted beaches. A tasty paella in a paradise cove. A toast with friends. Joking, laughts. A first line ticket to the sunset.

    A seefood dinner with your boy or girl and just the stars as witness. Accomplices looks.

    Relax, girls in bikini, boys in swimsuit. Extreme sports. Fun.

    The sea breeze caressing your face. Music of wind and waves.

    Dolphins that show you the way…

  • ¿And how is possible?

    Yanpy is an experience you can´t miss. It´s your dream at your firgertips.

    Yanpy is a 100% online boat rental site.

    It´s a community based on confidence, where people seeking the one experience of rent a boat, and boat owners (companies and privates) meet to profit each other.

    • Rent a boat

    • Rent the boat of your dreams, limitless. Everywhere in the world. To meet the plan you want. Avoid thousands of managements and calls. 100% online, in few steps, quickly and easyly. And totally secure.

      Find from extreme luxury yatchs to boats for every pocket. Both for sea wolves and for the one who sees the sea at first time.

      We provide you boats with or without skipper or required crew so that you just have to enjoy. We provide you extra services for your confort and fun.

      Replace the hotel or apartament by a boat and enjoy the beach and sea from another privileged point of view.

    • Boat owners

    • Whether you are a private boat owner or a company with a big fleet, you can list your boats in Yanpy.

      We will be your best channel to provide you customers. Our showcase is the whole world...

      We will provide you a tool to manage your boats (information, equipment, services, location, pictures and more) and bookings the easier possible way. With a smart notification system so that you don´t miss anything.

    Yanpy is a community based in reciprocal confidence where people will be able to evaluate the boats they rent and comment their experiencies. In the other hand, owners will be able to evaluate their guests. Community is profitted by this information, that feeds a knowledge center available to its members, that will help them to take the best decisions.

  • Team

    Yanpy is a project which seed is planted in 2012. Since then, it hasn´t stopped to grow.

    Yanpy is alive! It´s not an static system, but it´s always changing in order to improve and provide the best possible service.

    Yanpy is a young project, but has the pushing goal of become number one leader in the nautical tourism sector. To face this challenge, count with its best active. ¡Its team!

    An IT really expert and skilled team, that works everyday in order to provide the best user experience in online boat rental sector.

    Business consultants really experts in nautical tourism sector, that enable Yanpy to be the best tool for 100% online boat rental.

    An excellent marketing and communication team which challenging mission is to keep Yanpy on the crest of the wave.

    This group of people row everyday in same direction, pushed by two engines: Our vision and dream for provide the best possible 100% online boat rental service. And overall, our passion for the sea.