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Booking the ideal boat for your holidays is easy, fast and safe. Submit a booking request and get confirmation in less than 24 working hours. You can pay by credit card or bank transfer.


Experience an unforgettable sailing holidays with absolute peace of mind. We assist you before, during and after your trip. At the end, leave a review and share your experience with our community.

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+15.000 boats around the world

Planning your next holidays should be easy, fast and fun. Compare and choose among more than 12,000 professional charter boats, located in more than 500 destinations worldwide. Stop wasting time browsing through tons of websites and comparing information provided differently.

Personalised service

We assign each client a travel advisor who will manage your request. Let us know your travel plan and let our destination experts advise you on itineraries, marinas, or which is your dream boat. Our team of experts is simply exceptional.

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The boat prices are arranged with the owners to be always the same as in their direct channel. In addition, no booking fee is charged, so you can always rent your boat at the best price. Take advantage of our exclusive discounts. Have you got a cheaper offer? Let us know, we will improve it!

100% professional charter companies

Our goal is to ensure that your sailing holidays are perfect and unforgettable. For this reason, we only offer yachts from professional charter companies capable of providing the highest quality service at destination, so that you can book with complete confidence.

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Courtesy and fellowship among sailors are some of the values while sailing. Leave a review at the end of your holidays and let others know what you think of the boat, the quality of the owner's service or the destination. Other users, just like you, will be able to benefit from these reviews to choose their ideal boat. Join our community of sea lovers on our social media and share your experience by tagging us with @yanpy_com.

Final prices

Boats show information of prices with taxes and the list of mandatory extras, so you know how much is your boat rental without surprises.