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Woman in vacation in paradise beach in Seychelles

Sailing holidays in Seychelles: Cruise in paradise

Are you dreaming about travelling to an exotic destination? If so, we propose you a one week sailing holidays in the Seychelles. These islands are considered one of the most paradisiacal destinations in the world. The Seychelles ara an archipelago located in the Indic Ocean, a 1000 miles from east Kenya and the east African coast.

More than 115 islands full of nature: tropical vegetation, crystal-clear waters, amazing wild life and white sand beaches that seem like taken from a postcard. The three main Islands are Mahé, Praslin and a Digue.

You can snorkel around its coral reefs and colourful fishes while exploring its idyllic deserted islands discovering exotic plants and unique animals like the giant turtles. You can simply relax on board and enjoy your sailing holidays in paradise with the best tropical weather. This is the perfect week trip for the nature and sea lovers.

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Itinerary for a one-week sailing holidays in Seychelles

Map with an itinerary of a cruising vacation around Seychelles
One week itinerary for a sailing holidays in Seychelles

Note: The different dots show the approximate stops where the yacht spends the night.

Interesting information about your sailing holidays in Seychelles

Cruise duration: 7 nights
Embarkation: Saturday, from 17:00pm in Mahé.
Disembarkation: Next Saturday, after breakfast, around 9:00am in Mahé
Nearest Airport: International Airport of Le Pointe Larue (Mahé)
Arrival to the base marina: The base marina is located 6km (15 min) away from the airport. You can get there by private transfer service, taxi or public transport.
Best time to sail: The whole year. Best weather conditions from May to October.
Best time to book: It is highly recommended to book in advance.
Climate: Tropical. In Seychelles there are two monsoon seasons. From May to October, it is characterised by clear skies and constant moderate winds (10 to 15 knots) from the southeast. From December to March, it is the season of greatest rainfall with winds around 5 knots from the northwest. April and November are transitional months. Temperatures range from 28ºC to 30ºC maximum and 24ºC minimum throughout the year. The water temperature has an average of 28ºC.
Recommended vacations to: a great family time, group of friends, romantic trip, honeymoon, nature lovers, relaxing holidays, snorkel and diving, photography, paradise tropical landscapes, exploring, beach and sun.
Approximate prices for renting a boat for 10 people: from 3.000€/week for the boat (300€/week/person).
Catamaran cruising in sailing holidays in Seychelles
Catamaran in a paradise beach in Seychelles

Renting a boat in the Seychelles is probably the best option to discover this paradisiacal archipelago. If your idea is to sail freely and you have the necessary license, you can charter a boat without a skipper. If you prefer not to worry about anything during your sailing holidays in Seychelles, we recommend you to rent a boat with a skipper.

The most popular boat type for a one week sailing vacation in the Seychelles is the catamaran rental. Cruising by catamaran through the Seychelles is a unique experience that you cannot miss out. Its waters are very calm during most of the year, in addition, the geographical distribution of its islands and the distance between them, make the Seychelles the perfect destination to enjoy a yacht cruise hopping from island to island with family or friends.

Note: This itinerary is an inspirational guide. You can suggest modifications in the itinerary, however, remember that the captain always has the last word according to the weather conditions.

Itinerary for one week sailing holidays in Seychelles: Cruise in paradise

Day 1 (Saturday): Seychelles by boat: Mahé and Saint Anne National Park

4nm. 45min.

Our boat vacation on the Seychelles begins in Mahé, the main island and where the country's capital, Victoria, is located. From the airport to the Marina Eden there are only 6 km, so we will be there in a few minutes by taxi.

Today is the day to make a first contact with the Seychelles. If you have time, you should visit the colourful Victoria Market, a fantastic place to discover the local culture and gastronomy. Indigenous people love to share their knowledge of locally grown fruits and vegetables and their recipes for cooking fish.

We will embark around 18:00. The skipper sets sail and our private yacht cruise in the Seychelles begins course to the Sainte Anne National Park.

Couple on a swing during their holidays in Seychelles
Sunset in Seychelles

Cerf Island is one of the unspoilt jewels of the Seychelles. It is just a few minutes away from Mahé, in the Sainte Anne National Marine Park, where we will anchor to spend the first night of our sailing holidays in Seychelles. Bathed by turquoise waters and surrounded by an impressive coral reef and a wonderful underwater world, the island has no roads or shops. It is an ideal place to snorkel, relax and escape from civilization. Keep your eyes open, you may soon be visited by different species of sea turtles and dolphins.

Day 2 (Sunday): One of the most beautiful beaches in the world: Anse Lazio, Praslin

28nm. 4h. 30min.
Woman sunbathing on the paradisiacal beach of Anse Lazio, Praslin
Paradisiacal tropical beach of Anse Lazio

The day begins with a pleasant sailing trip of several hours that will take you to the island of Praslin. It will be the perfect time to relax by letting the sea breeze caress your skin. We are heading to what is probably one of the TOP stops during this 7 day sailing cruise in the Seychelles, the spectacular beach of Anse Lazio, listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Definitely a little piece of paradise on earth.

The incredible mix of turquoise waters, white sand, palm trees and imposing rock formations make Anse Lazio one of the most impressive beaches in the world. The perfect place to relax walking on its sand, snorkelling in its reefs of a thousand colours, sunbathing or exploring its tropical forest.

NOTE!: Take the opportunity to taste the local Creole cuisine on the beach, take a seat at Bonbon Plume and discover its grilled fish, seafood and curries.

Day 3 (Monday): Cruising in paradise: Curieuse Island and St. Anne Bay (Praslin)

10nm. 1h. 30min.

The sun rises in Praslin! Today will be a day to enjoy the exuberant nature of the Seychelles. We left Anse Lazio behind to head to Curieuse Island, about twenty minutes from Praslin. The island offers unspoilt natural landscapes.

Meet the adorable Aldabra giant tortoises, which live freely on the island. Undoubtedly living fossils from another era and a unique animal species in the Seychelles. Meeting these animals in the middle of such a landscape, being able to observe them and even feed them, will make your sailing holidays an unforgettable experience. If you like diving, go to the east coast of the island, where you will find the coral garden (Pointe Rouge) with a large number of marine fauna.

Beautiful girl feeding giant tortoise on Curieuse Island (Seychelles)
Giant tortoises in Curieuse Island - Photo: Gorgeous @margaret_mayada

Want to find a yacht to sail around Seychelles?

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Baie Saint Anne, in the east of Praslin, will provide us a very good sheltered anchorage. It will be the perfect time to get lost exploring the Valle de Mai National Park, a spectacular natural jungle where the palm trees that produce the Coco de Mer grow, an endemic fruit considered the most erotic coconut in the world, unique for its size and appearance. For the most curious, the last remaining black parrots in the world live here.

Tropical forest in the Mai Valley, Praslin (Seychelles)
Rainforest of the Valle de Mai National Park, Praslin

At the end of the day, it will be time to share a nice dinner with our family or friends and discuss the incredible experiences that this unforgettable Seychelles boat trip is leaving us.

Day 4 (Tuesday) Diving in Grande Soeur, Marianne and Felicite

17nm. 3h.
Boats anchored during a sailing holidays on the paradise islands of Seychelles
Catamarans anchored in Coco Islands, Seychelles

The fourth day of your sailing holidays in Seychelles will delight diving and paradise islands lovers. We are heading towards Grande Soeur, Marianne and Felicite. The beauty of these small islands impresses. Its spectacular landscape formed by white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, vegetation and its granite rocks make them one of the most exotic islands in the world. The perfect spot to relax and swim in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

Marine life is exceptionally abundant in the coral reefs that extend in front of them: you can dive among sea turtles and countless thousand-coloured tropical fish. Marianne Island is a must for diving lovers. The waters surrounding the island are among the most popular dive spots in the world. The most daring will be able to dive with stingrays, and even the spectacular and harmless whale shark. If you prefer, contemplating these animals from your boat will be an equally unforgettable experience.

Diving with sea turtles near Marianne Island
Seychelles sea turtle

A beach barbecue and an incredible sunset can be the icing on a vacation in paradise.

Note: A very good alternative is to visit the quiet Coco islands. Small in size, but gigantic in beauty.

Day 5 (Wednesday) - La Digue: The most beautiful island in Seychelles

4nm. 45min.

La Digue is a jewel in the Indian Ocean that you cannot miss while travelling around the Seychelles. This island hides one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: Anse Source D’argent. Considered a true paradise for its turquoise waters, amazing weather and peculiar black rocks that contrast with the color of the sea and the white of the sand. The beach is surrounded by coconut and vanilla plantations.

One of the best tropical beaches in the world, Anse Source d’Argent
Anse Source d’Argent beach, La Digue (Seychelles)- Photo: Didier Baertschiger in Flicker (CC BY-SA 2.0 not modified)

If you are looking to relax and enjoy nature, La Digue is the place to be. The island is practically surrounded by a reef, making it ideal for snorkeling on its crystal-clear beaches. Our boat will anchor in the small port of La Passe. From here, it will be fun to rent a bike to explore the island. This place will transport you back in time, since the means of transport are the bicycle and the ox-drawn carriage.

Woman traveling through the Seychelles riding a bicycle through La Digue
Exploring La Digue by bike

If you prefer hiking, you're in luck. You can hike up to the Eagle's Nest mountain, which is located 300 meters above sea level. During the climb to the top, you can recharge your batteries with a delicious natural smoothie at the Snack Bellevue. The top awaits you. Enjoy the incredible panoramic view of paradise!

Day 6 (Thursday): Perfect holidays hopping from island to island: From Praslin to Beau Vallon, Mahé

34nm. 5h.
Family sailing on a catamaran during their Seychelles vacation
Family on a catamaran holidays in Seychelles

Heading back to Mahé Island. It will be the longest journey of our sailing holidays in Seychelles. About 5 hours for you to enjoy sailing through the intense blue ocean with your family or friends.

We will anchor on the vibrant Beau Vallon beach, a vast golden sand beach washed by turquoise waters. The offer of activities as well as bars, restaurants and other places that you will find on this beach make it an essential visit on your trip with family, friends or partner. After a week of nature and relaxation, it is time to get handsome, it will be time to choose a good restaurant and pay tribute.

Day 7 (Friday): Mahé, end of a sailing holidays in paradise

12nm. 2h.
Happy family in paddle-surf enjoying their holidays in Seychelles
Enjoying quality time with family or friends

The morning starts slowly with a breakfast on board our boat. Then it will be time to return to our marina base. Normally the boats must be in port around 17:00 to checkout. If the first day you left part of the Sainte Anne National Park unexplored, maybe you can make a stop to enjoy a last swim.

You will spend the last night on board your yacht in port. Once there, you will have the opportunity to explore the surroundings, do some shopping and enjoy having dinner with your family or friends, in which you will be able to remember the incredible experiences lived on your sailing holidays in Seychelles.

What do you think of our week-long itinerary sailing through paradise?


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